Best Ways to Effectively Monetize Your Blog or Site


There are many factors to consider when starting your new blog or website. Your mind may be filled with ideas and your to-do list is growing by the hour. One thing though will usually take precedence and should be considered with care, even before setting out on your writing journey. How to make money from your blog. We understand, this may not be a key motivation for everyone, but it is a goal for many. Here then are a few ideas on how you can monetize your site well.


Placed Advertising

This involves placing small advertisements or banner ads at specified locations within you site. Probably the biggest player in this market is AdSense. They will pay you a small amount per each click on the placed ads. Depending upon the traffic to your site, this can amount to quite a lot and you can also combine well with Google Analytics to review your sites traffic and gain useful insight. This is a good starting point for first timers. There are many amazing success stories with users of AdSense.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are offered by most of the major corporations. Depending on the nature of your site, your options are wide and varied. One of the most popular affiliate programs, which can suit a variety of sites is the Amazon Affiliate Program. Often these programs are based on a commission which you earn from a purchase made by clicking on the placed advertisement within your site. These can pay much better than basic placed advertising options, providing you have decent traffic and can convert this into sales.

Paid Reviews


You could opt for this path and get companies to pay you for reviews of their products. Such offers can be found through popular services such as Pay per Post or Sponsored Reviews. Terms and conditions of each offer will vary depending on the client company and products involved, but it can certainly be an enjoyable way of monetizing your blog, especially if you have specialized knowledge of passion for a certain area.


Write an E-Book

In today’s increasingly digital world, you need not be a budding Shakesphere to get your work in print. The same can be said of the digital format. Anybody can write an e-book and self-publish it on their own blog. Your writing skill will ultimately be judged by the success of your site and visitor feedback, but, it can be a very rewarding option. You can also cross promote some of your own products through your book to increase revenue. The price of the book is also up to you of course.


Wrap Up

These are just a few of the many options available to you when choosing how to monetize your blog. You should be careful not to chase maximum profit, but to pursue an option which is realistic and provide value to both yourself and your audience. This will help in creating a long term trust.